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Paul is a seasoned performer, writer and improviser in New York City. He has had the opportunity to perform throughout the US and in the UK. Paul also has directed numerous short plays and sketches and is an Improv coach as well. Winner of Best Actor at the NYTV Festival for the pilot of "The Chris and Paul Show" and Best Newcomer at The Montreal Sketch Festival. Nominated for Best Newcomer at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival and proud alumnus of Second City NYC. 


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Weekly: Every Tuesday & Thursday

The One Minute Show

Paul performs a one minute show for you and your friends, on demand. Stay for a drink and tasty food.

T's Kitchen & Wine Bar

523 Pacific St, Stamford, CT 06902







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Where Is The Where?



 Help tell the story you visualize. Give an outside eye can help tighten, tweaking parts that need polishing. Identify and enhance levels of performance. 

 Creating purposeful movement in every scene. 


Creating the pace of the scene.


Concentrating on your strengths and abilities. Help you get comfortable and find your comedic voice.  


Discover your timing.


Finding what works for you.

Optimizing your stage presence.